Welcome to D'Avolio's Sea Salt, Herb and Spice collections.

Within our stores in Western New York and online, you will find the best in culinary sea salts, herbs and spices. Our products are delivered to you from far reaching resources such as South America, Asia, Caribbean and America. We are able to offer you superior freshness and affordable prices often rivaling your local stores.

We take pride in guaranteeing we will provide you with great products at fantastic prices with exceptional customer service...every time! Enjoy the D'Avolio experience and feel free to drop us a note.

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Infused Sea Salts
Gourmet Sea Salts
Basik's Artistic Blend of Herbs & Spices
Rossi Pasta, Pizza Dough & Sauce
D'Avolio's Gourmet Olives, Pickles and more!

Sea Salt
Infused Sea Salts
Gourmet Salts
Gourmet Salts
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Rossi Pasta
Rossi Pasta
Rossi Pasta
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