About Us...

We at D¹Avolio believe that our company and our products represent a healthy way of life, which is quite old-fashioned in that we believe the human factor is still at the center of our focus. We see, we smell, we blend and we experiment, always searching for new tastes.

In 2010, D¹Avolio Olive Oils, Vinegars and More, opened its first store in Lewiston, NY as an independent source for the highest quality culinary products you have been looking for. Unlike a franchise relationship, D¹Avolio purchases products from many sources. Our Oils and Vinegars come from Veronica Foods based in California (http://evoliveoil.com/).

Veronica Foods has become the single source in the US for the highest quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil. At their core is the unshakable belief that every EVOO must be delivered fresh, must have proper chemical analysis and no oil blends to compromise the quality. In 1997 Veronica purchased an olive grove less than sixty nautical miles from Sicily near the ancient Mediterranean city of Carthage in the North African country of Tunisia to build an olive oil mill for testing and evaluating the methods that are chronicled in their extensive travels throughout the olive oil producing regions of the world.

D'Avolio shares this belief and delivers to you fresh uncompromising quality. Throughout the year Olives are crushed after harvest and bottled immediately for distribution. There are two harvest zones in the world known as the Northern and Southern Hemispheres.

Northern Hemisphere oils are generally crushed October through December and start to appear in our stores in December/January. Southern Hemisphere oils are crushed April through June and start to appear in our stores in July. By providing oils from both hemispheres D'Avolio ensures the latest and freshest products will be available in our stores to you.

D¹Avolio continued to expand on the strength of its growing customer base. October 2011 our 4th store opened in East Amherst. D¹Avolio now has stores in Lewiston, Buffalo, Williamsville and East Amherst with new locations being planned for 2012.

2010 also brought to the market an on-line presence in the sales of its products. Our on-line sales have been driven to bring Olive Oils and Vinegars to locations where customers cannot visit one of our stores for a personal tasting but still seek products of uncompromising quality. A large segment of on-line sales are from the same customers that have visited our stores and appreciate the health benefit of our products. Through these customers our products are shipped as gifts to friends and family.

Unlike buying Olive Oils and Vinegars in grocery stores where the label is your only point of reference, we can follow all our sales whether from one of our stores, or on-line back to a customer that has visited our stores, tasted our products and delivered a recommendation. Our personal connection with our products can be found throughout North America.

The tools of our trade are our human senses and our experience. Growing up surrounded by the history of recipes handed down through generations that call for only the finest ingredients.

We invite you to personally visit our stores in Lewiston, Williamsville, East Amherst and Buffalo, NY to experience first-hand the satisfaction of sampling our many styles of olive oils and vinegars.

If you cannot visit our stores, our Online Store offers all our products shipped directly to your address.